when scott gets all alpha i get really turned on mmaky bye now

like okay i know it’s not fanastic to think like this but why are people still so shocked when hollywood casts a white woman/man instead of someone who is an accurate racial depiction of the character.

i find it amusing that the jenners suddenly are involved in the show around the time of their EP 



…i love you


i refuse to see the interneship

Okay look, this CT shooting is terrible and horrifying. But can I just say. Guns don’t kill people. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. You may not realize it but going on and on about how this wouldn’t have happened if guns weren’t so easily available is fucking stupid, okay? This asshole killed his own mother, a teacher, and a bunch kindergarteners. In this sick guys head, everything he did was justified. He would have found a way to get his “point” across. Please don’t lessen this mans horrific crime by saying it’s because of the guns.

Bottom line, if you think gun control is gonna fix anything then you’re incredibly naive.

My favorite customers are drive thru ones.


Because they are dumb asses.

You’ve completed your order and you’re having trouble hearing me tell you to pull forward?

Well gee lady what could I possibly be telling you to do in a drive thru and you’re done ordering and I’ve told your total. Oh I don’t know maybe DRIVE THRU TO THE FUCKING WINDOW?

Ugh god Michelle Rodriguez is just so fucking hot

She is just un real kelapwpsndsnbfejkdffjfnc


I don’t want Ivy to be Marilyn because she’s the obvious choice plus she doesn’t deserve it. Yes she’s worked hard but she’s just such a horrible person. And I swear if one more person says that Ivy has a right to be a bitch I’m gonna throw my laptop across the room. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BE AN ASSHOLE. I don’t care how horrible your life has been, how much of a bitch your mom was, or if you’ve got daddy issues. YOU CHOOSE HOW YOU DEAL WITH IT. YOU ARE IN FULL CONTROL OF YOURSELF. 


I don’t care how talented she is, her behavior is disgusting. 

Awwhh he’s beautiful!

I like his haircut